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Ozone, a natural gas, consisting of three oxygen atoms, is characterized by a very high oxidizing capacity. It is unstable and once reacted with environment, it turns into pure oxygen. Production is a simple process: an electric charge in the presence of oxygen is enough to give rise to O.

Ozone has been successfully used in dental field for over twenty years. The applications mainly concern two aspects: ozone as a natural alternative to traditional disinfection and sanitization chemical processes and the oxygen-ozone therapy to treat patients affected by various diseases. From June 26th 2001, ozone has been recognized by the American FDA (Food&Drug Administration). Thanks to the oxidation power, ozone kills bacteria and it can also penetrate the internal structures of viruses, preventing their replication.

Ozone can be applied as a gas or in water form. By using ozone therapy devices, O₃IMPLANT®, ensures constant and repeatable conditions of use, guaranteeing the absolute purity of the gas supplied and the maximum reliability. Certified as “Medical Device as per Directive 93/42 /EEC and S.M.I. in IIA class”, O₃IMPLANT®, is in compliance with the protocols of the Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy SIOOT. Through O₃IMPLANT®, the ozone can be bubbled into the bones, wounds and SOFT tissues by decontaminating any kind of pathogenic agents. This procedure ensures the implant itself and the surrounding tissue is as clean as it is currently possible to be. This is a huge step in promoting the fast healing and continued comfort of your dental implant. All by using a completely natural gas.

However, there is not only a risk of infection in individual’s oral cavity but also the cross-contamination has been considered an important topic in dentistry. Cross infection to dental staff can often occur due to the existence of microorganisms from patient’s blood and saliva on dental tools.

Dental unit waterlines promote bacterial growth and development of biofilm due to the presence of long narrow-bore tubing, inconsistent flow rates and the potential for retraction of oral fluids. Dental health care personnel and patients could be placed at risk of adverse health effects if water is not appropriately treated. All dental units should use systems that treat water to meet drinking water standards. According to this statement Galbiati R&D department has realized HO BLACK®, an ozone generator, specifically designed for dental clinic water sanitation. Through the use of ozone, the water flowing from dental units is completely purified and sanitized.

The air quality of environments, especially at the end of the working day, will inevitably be more than poor and we will have to think, also to a reciprocation between a patient and the other.

LINDA®, the new ozone generator for air and water treatment, can be used against the microbial contamination of both water and air. LINDA® can disinfect spray instruments, clinic and waiting rooms, toilettes, ultrasonic cleaner, horizontal and vertical surfaces, including the dental unit water bottles.

These latest generation devices are made of innovative materials and is entirely designed and produced in Italy.






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