Oralplant - 2.5mm Extra-Short Oralplant: the shortest implant in the world that is farsighted in implantology!


Oralplant Suisse is the company that holds the research, development and manufacturing rights of this formidable Extra-Short Implant called Tuber-Plant SC.

Oralplant implantology is based on the extensive osteointegration capacity of the TPSS (Titanium Pull Spray Superficial) surface treatment which for 25 years has confirmed the excellent reactions for maintenance of osteointegration on Oralplant medical devices; the conviction of professionals and researchers working with it on a daily basis is to be in the presence of an implant surface, that can be applied to other solutions in osteointegrated implantology in the future.

Oralplant, osteointegrated implantology of excellence since 1991, is constantly searching for techniques addressed to implant insertion in the most extreme bone conditions. From the beginning it designed and manufactured Tuber-Plant, osteointegrated medical device with 7mm lenghts and various diameters, reaping significant success. Case studies over the years showed that it was still possible to reduce the length, in fact, 6, 5 (ref. Figure 1), 4.5 and, more recently, 3.5 and 2.5 mm (ref. Figure 2) unique in the world implants were invented.

Despite the last three lengths have insertion difficulties, Oralplant surgical protocol and instruments have also been able to provide these implants, defined as Extra-Short, with simplicity as well as predictability, obtaining osteointegration success on a par with its medical devices with greater lenghts.

This is testified by the randomized study on Extra-Short and Short implants, published during the 5th Oralplant National Conference in Venice on  6th and 7th May 2016, which involved 126 Dentists and demonstrated that, all the 487 devices inserted from 2010 obtained an implant success rate of 94.87%. The remaining 5,13% are composed of 13 failures due to insertion in conditions not suitable for osteointegration and 12 unjustified failures, therefore, considering the last two data, the effective success rate of Extra-Short and Short implants is 97.47%.







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