Denmat - DenMat® Holdings, LLC Launches Vizilite®PRO Oral Lesion Screening System



DenMat® a leading manufacturer in innovative esthetic dentistry and advanced oral health solutions, is proud to introduce the latest innovation in light-based fluorescence  technology: Vizilite®PRO. For over 10 years, clinicians have been using fluorescence technology as a means of enhancing the visualization of the oral mucosa to help enable the earliest possible discovery of potentially malignant and cancerous lesions. A Vizilite PRO screening is easy and painless for the patient. Once the clinician activates the device, five powerful shortwave, violet output LED’s generate biofluorescence  to enhance the oral cavity without needing to dim the opertory lights. Abnormal tissues will appear as dark area among the bright fluorescence of surrounding tissues. Best in class technology, cordless with ergonomic handle, custom battery pack is protected from overcharging. A fully charged battery can perform over 100 one minute examinations.  Vizilite®PRO is the latest innovative pillar of DenMat's Soft Tissue Management system.











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