Dispotech - Multiple Angle Connection (M.A.C.) Patent ® , CAD CAM prosthetic system

M.A.C. System

System developed for dental arches and bridges assembled using CAD-CAM technology. This system is characterized by angular variations with respect to the implant axis and for which it is necessary to change the entrance position of the fixing screws that anchor the prosthetic device away from the esthetic zone towards the lingual or palatal area.

1. The pillar is obtained from the original modeling of the structure and thus with maximum customization of every single element;
2. Standard laboratory procedure;
3. No angle limitation;
4. Esthetic shoulder with an ideal emergency profile and required height;
5. Shoulder that can be coated with esthetic material
6. No rotation limit and ideal parallelism calculated by the software;
7. Morphology of the structure as designed
8. Customized connection;
9. Screw holes of reduced and regular dimensions;
10. Coupling abutment-implant and abutment-structure very precise with minimal tolerance;
11. Very low likelihood of infiltration;
12. Standard fixing screws;
13. Standard screwdriver;
14. Ideal also for an immediate loading;
15. Simple and rapid positioning and removal;
16. All of the advantages of a screwed prosthesis;
17. All of the advantages of a customized CAD-CAM prosthesis.




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