Whitepeaks Dental Solutions - Perfection in argon sintering alloys

One of the most innovative companies in the dental sector launched CopraSintec K, a soft wet and dry millable Co/Cr sintering alloy, in November 2013.

- 3.000 bar isostatically compacted powder with extremely high density and homogeneity
- effortless dry or wet machining using wax strategy and burs
- no limitations, bridges up to 14 units, bar constructions and gracile restorations
- no warping or distortions
- familiar blank sizes in 10mm to 20mm, up to 40 units
- more blank shapes in preparation

New argon sintering furnace:
- low argon gas consumption due to open honey comb structure FFAME (Free Flow Argon Mesh Engineering) within the sintering chamber
- open structure allows the vacuum pump sucking out any residue of binder in the blank material, avoiding contamination of the alloy with carbon
- cooling by pressured air, sintering 4.5 hours
- economic price




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01100 Viterbo - Italy
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