Kemdent - Kemdent Modelling Wax puts the icing on the cake!

Kemdent modelling and baseplate waxes, including Anutex, Anutex Eco, Tenatex and Tenatex Eco can be used with confidence as they provide the consistency technicians desire.

This enables technicians to provide their customers with the high quality products expected of them.

As a manufacturer Kemdent can change the softening temperature of a wax to suit a specific climate or the colour and sheet size of the wax to match the demand of a specific market.

Kemdent's manufacturing  process creates a uniform, toughened
sheet of wax; Dental Technicians the world over recognise the quality
and performance this gives them. One UK technician commented on
the fact that Kemdent modelling waxes meet the correct ISO standard.

This, together with the fact that Kemdent can provide their customers with the necessary technical information they require about modelling waxes puts the icing on the cake!

Kemdent is looking for distribution partners worldwide especially India, Turkey and Brazil.

Ideally an established dental laboratory retailer that wishes to improve their existing dental product line or an experienced manager or sales person  who has a newly established dental company.


For further information on all Kemdent products please contact  or visit the web site






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T +39 0761 352198
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VAT: IT01612570562


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