Leader Italia srl - TIXOS: a revolutionary reality in the modern implant evolution

Tixos is the result of clinical researches, of experience in implantology and of a unique manufacturing process, the laser microfused titanium powder, that produces a revolutionary surface.

Tixos is the first and unique implant in the world manufactured through Direct Laser Metal Forming technique: around a very compact core an isoelastic surface is created, which replicates the bone spongy geometry; such a structure is highly mimetic, thus accelerating bone healing and enhancing faster osseointegration, as demonstrated by different in vitro and in vivo human studies*.

The mechanical characteristics of such implants are excellent, while the surface morphology promote bone healing, enhancing 3D organization of fibrin network, cell adhesion and migration, fluids and nutritional elements exchanges and the development of proper vascularization aiming to the organization of bone matrix.

The tridimensional geometry constituted by micro and macro-cavities of well defined sizes and form, interconnected by micro-pores, promotes bone formation.

Besides the internal and external hex Tixos line, Leader Italia has recently introduced the new implants Tixos MC - Tapered Morse Connection, which takes advantage of the extraordinary features of  Tixos surface with the benefits of the tapered connection with Morse effect.

Tixos has obtained the prestigious and severe U.S. FDA Approval.

* References available on www.leaderitalia.it




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