Schuetz Dental - Quick scanner for dental labs, handles small and large workpieces with ease

Product launch:

Schütz Dental, Rosbach/Germany, now offers a brandnew structured-light scanner for dental
labs. "Tizian Smart- Scan" features increased precision and high speed.

This new scanner is launched even before IDS 2013. Tizian Smart-Scan does not only sport a new design, but is also more compact and more powerful than its predecessor. The larger field of view (80 mm x 60 mm x 80 mm) permits the scanner to manage a scan on 20 pictures rather than on 50 (which were necessary so far).

The matching time is reduced significantly. This means scans which are up to 72 % faster, but much more precise than in the past. Tizian Smart-Scan scans a four-unit bridge with adjacent teeth and opposite dentition (for virtual articulator) within about 5 minutes.

It is predestined for scanning wide-span bridges and implant-supported restorations. In addition, the software Tizian Creativ RT facilitates quicker matching and a faster data upload. New filters and calibrations provide for highly precise STL-files.

Tizian Smart-Scan integrates perfectly into the "Complete Digital Workflow". An open interface and the export of open STL-files lead to an internetworking of all compatible systems (even nonsystem components) and thus preserve the user's independence.


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