BIOSTAMINA - BIO RIGENERA® O3 Dental: The First 100% Natural Lipogel

Phytotherapic Patents for Tissue and Bone Regeneration, Enriched With Ozone, Relieves Pain, Promotes Healing And Tissue Regeneration.

Bio-Rigenera®O3 Dental, applied regularly 2/3 times a day after normal daily hygiene, thanks to its ozone molecules properties, performs an antibacterial and antiviral activity protecting the oral cavity from external pathogens.

Its formulation, rich in essential oils, accelerates the tissue repair process. Thanks to its specific consistency, Bio RIGENERA® Dental O3 forms a protective film on the lesion, favoring a rapid and correct reepithalisation of the gums and mucosa of the oral cavity and helping to alleviate pain.
The ozonation of the essential oils of the medicinal plants contained in Bio RIGENERA® Dental O3, gives the product a high power, curative for lesions of the oral cavity.


Bio RIGENERA® O3 Dental is indicated as an adjunct in the treatment and situations of:
• Small lesions due to surgical dental interventions
• Perimplantitis surgery
• Ideal to prevent, or lessen post-operative pain
• Gingivitis, parodontitis, periimplantitis
• Together with the use of prosthetic and orthodontic appliances
• After scaling and oral hygiene interventions
• After simple or complex extraction
• In case of minor burns
• In Lip Herpes Therapy and Afte
• Also indicated for diabetic patients.


* In vitro scientific tests conducted on Bio Regenera® Dental certifies that the product, with its barrier effect, determines a significant increase in cell viability within 48/72 hours, therefore osteoblasts and keratinocytes activities.
* Bio Basic Europe S.r.l.

Bio-regenerating and bio-repairing high properties;
To be used for surgery;
Reduces edema, relieves pain and promotes healing;
Dense and viscous formula designed to adhere to the mucosa, creates a protective micro film on the lesion isolating it from the external environment protecting it from infectious, viral and inflammatory processes;
Barrier action and hemostasis on bloody wound;
It is applied to the oral mucosa injured or affected by pathological processes such as sores and wounds;
Stimulates the fast healing and re-epithelialization of the oral mucosa, reducing healing time;
Grapefruit seeds and ozone properties have an antibacterial effect and contribute to quick and correct gingival and oral mucosa regeneration;
Natural product non-toxic to accidental ingestion, as it does not contain petrolatum or chemical substances, but only 100% natural ingredients of medicinal plants.

About Biostamina Kft
Biostamina Kft is a manufacturer of 100% natural phytotherapeutic medical devices, made up exclusively of medicinal plant extracts, safe and natural products enriched with ozone O3.
Distributes its products in Europe and the rest of the world.

Owner of Phytotherapic Patents for Tissue and Bone Regeneration

We’re currently looking for distributors. If you're interested, please contact us at +36 702180902 or email us at / to request samples.

BIOSTAMINA KFT 1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 81. 2/9 Email:
Tel Hungary +36 702180902 • Tel Italy +39 3515265919





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