Nobio - The Future of Dental Materials: Long Term Antimicrobial Protection


Bacteria is the main cause for failure of many dental treatments, particularly restorations. Common antimicrobials, like chlorhexidine, fluorides or silvers, kill bacteria by release mechanism, so the effect is short-term (because they deplete), weakens the material (causes mass loss), and interferes with the flora balance. Scientists from Hadassah Medical Center and Tel-Aviv University in Israel developed a breakthrough antimicrobial technology that kills bacteria on contact, without releasing any chemicals. It stays active long-term (theoretically forever), without compromising the material’s mechanical properties or the natural flora.

The technology was tested in many dental materials (composites, adhesives, liners, cements and sealants), including 2 clinical trials, and published in 22 articles. Israel-based Nobio Ltd. acquired the technology and incorporated it into a line of premium dental materials, called Infinix™.  The company says it expects to launch Infinix™ this year, while also collaborating with major manufacturers who want this technology incorporated into their products.








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