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Since more than 30 years, Biotech Dental designs and distributes cutting edge solutions for the dentists; it elaborates products and services that accompany the

doctors in their practice and answer patient needs. Today, it has been more than a decade that Biotech Dental started investing in R&D for

dentists with Smilers® and dental technicians with Circle®. At Biotech Dental we create for innovation to rhyme with progress, for technology and

professionals to unite and serve the patient well-being, for future to be our presentCircle® revolutionize the manufacturing of fixed and removable prostheses by using

digital flow that gathers dentists and laboratory around a high technology 3D manufacturing process. Also, in the purpose to assist the work with the best

technologies, it proposes innovative digital interfaces:

- A digital interface intended to the dentists, compatible with all optical impressions that allows them to order digitally 100% of prostheses.

- A digital interface intended to the laboratories that allows them to mode dental prostheses semi-automatically in a 5 times quicker process.

It is a world premier that Circle® presents at the IDS, the first custom-made, removable prostheses, fully designed with a digital process and 100 % produced in France.

Smilers® provides the best innovative solutions and accompanies dentists in the transformation of their profession. We focus on offering devices that perfectly respond

to present and future dentists and patients’ needs. For this reason, we have developed Smilers® aligners: a technological, custom-made medical devices, the first aligners

100% produced in France.



In addition to giving back the smile to the patient, our ambition is to build a strong & sustainable partnership with the dentists by guiding them to learn and practice this

new solution dedicated exclusively to them. All among the process, they are supported by a team of invisible orthodontic experts to help them to overcome the challenges

and reach successful treatments.

To perfectly respond to patient needs, we keep enhancing our solution with the best innovations. We are convinced that the future of invisible orthodontics lies in mastering

the tooth movement and the bone protection. For this reason, we have invested in R&D to build a technology that gives our orthodontists the possibility to elaborate

guaranteed treatments by predicting the bone movement.





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