Capenergy - Oral Health with Capenergy C500 Intraoral Tecartherapy







Paresthesias, neuropathies, and oral pain are some of the consequences of surgery in Odontology, the nightmare of dentists. The Capenergy C500 Intraoral Tecartherapy device is a state-of-the-art medical device which reduces dramatically pain, the negative side-effects of implantology and oral surgery.

C500 IntraOral reduces 9 points in the EVA scale after an extraction. Improves paresthesia due to the section of the dental nerve after an implant in the very first session. Reduces 90% of the hypersensitivity due to teeth bleeching in the first session.

Reduces pain after brackets adjustment in orthodontics in the next three days. Removes neuropathic pain of the dental nerve in three sessions.

Treats periodontal disease and peri-implantitis, with antibiotic support.
Balances the oral microbioma.


Supports bone density to speed up the implantology procedure.












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