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BlancOne®: the effective professional approach to cosmetic teeth bleaching                                  



Teeth whitening is in huge demand. Billions of euros are spent every year in “teeth whitening” products that just provide surface stain removal, short term (and potentially dangerous) enamel dehydration or optical effects that only last a few minutes. None of these has ever proven to actually bleach teeth by affecting intrinsic stains as dental professional peroxide-based treatments do. Nevertheless, dental professionals have never managed to break through this market and only get a very small slice of the huge teeth whitening pie. Why?

Two words: uncomfortable and expensive. Very long in office seats or several days of take home tray use, sensitivity during and after the bleaching treatment, limiting post treatment diets, high treatment costs have kept most of the potential customers away from the dental office. Except for highly motivated “white teeth fanatics”, those who give to professional teeth bleaching a try, seldom repeat or recommend it to friends.

The European Directive 84/2011 represents, at an international level, the regulation on dental bleaching that most protects consumers. In line with this legislation, BlancOne® proposes for the first time a line of cosmetic teeth whitening treatments that combines the safety offered by low percentages of hydrogen peroxide and the professionalism of the dental office with the immediacy of the result, the absence of effects side effects and the low costs sought by patients.

Thanks to BlancOne® technology, bleaching becomes a cosmetic treatment for everyone, able to produce excellent results in just a few minutes respecting tooth enamel and gingival tissues; BlancOne® treatments are the only ones that do not require gingival protection, desensitizing and re-mineralizing agents.

Without irritating the mucous membranes, dehydrating the enamel and inducing sensitivity during or after bleaching, BlancOne in office treatments offer a comfortable and satisfying experience to all patients and, thanks to low costs, can be repeated frequently or integrated with treatments domiciliary services to extend their duration.

BlancOne® CLICK is the “front end” treatment of BlancOne® teeth whitening range, it employs 16% Carbamide Peroxide (5,8% HP) and manages to produce a 4-5 shades improvement in just 10 minutes, without gum protection and only costing 10 euros to the dental office!

Such features allow CLICK to perfectly fit into the most common treatment in the dental office, dental hygiene. CLICK is the natural upselling – for a very small extra budget – after any dental hygiene session providing a much sought-after add-on treatment and added value. BlancOne® CLICK can be repeated on a regular basis improving patient compliance to programmed visits to the office, and can be used as a marketing tool to attract new patients with promotions.

BlancOne® CLICK is setting a new scenario for professional teeth bleaching: with over 200.000 treatments performed in just two years it’s driving in Italy a market growth of 40% and is now launching in all of Europe, the Middle and Far East with unconditional success.





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