Fast and easy post hygiene cosmetic bleaching 

Teeth bleaching is the natural completion of the dental hygiene seat. All patients expect to get whiter teeth after a professional cleaning but, except for some surface stain removal with the air prophy, no real bleaching has ever been possible in office after dental hygiene. As a matter of fact, an hygiene section is often quite long to be followed by an additional hour of teeth bleaching, also gums are often bleeding and traumatized and is not possible to apply gum protection.

BlancOne® has developed light powered teeth bleaching systems much less relying on high peroxide concentrations and long contact times to produce active species of oxygen. After years of continuous research, development and clinical trials, BlancOne® has introduced a new generation of photo activated whitening gels.

BlancOne® CLICK is the “front end” treatment of BlancOne® in office range. It employs 16% Carbamide Peroxide (5,8% HP) as in home tray systems, but thanks to its unique photo activation technology, it manages to produce a 4-5 shades improvement in just 10 minutes, without need to apply gum protection, without any sensitivity… and only costing 10 euros to the dental office!

With a very small budget and immediately visible results, BlancOne® CLICK is getting “viral” among dentists as well as their patients. CLICK is the natural upselling for any dental hygiene session providing a much sought-after add-on treatment, it can be repeated on a regular basis improving patient compliance to programmed visits to the office, and can be used as a marketing tool to attract new patients.

With over 200.000 CLICK treatments performed in Italy since its launch in 2016, BlancOne® is setting a new scenario for professional teeth bleaching and is now launching in all of Europe, the Middle and Far East with unconditional success.







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