MidMark - Find all the efficiency you need with the DentiSure Class B Steam Sterilisers from Midmark

Like the perfect assistant, the DentiSure steriliser from Midmark starts its day before everyone else, making sure it is warmed up and ready to work before you or your staff come through the door. The built-in start delay function ensures your unit is pre-warmed when you arrive, with the first test cycle already run. Now you can take advantage of running a cycle at off-peak times when energy is less expensive, and at the best times for your practice.

The time and cost savings of DentiSure go beyond the test cycle. You and your staff can stop worrying about keeping purified water on hand and manually refilling the unit, by choosing the Reverse Osmosis Steam Injection (ROSI) option. This built-in water purification system ensures a continual supply of purified water, so no restocking or refilling is required, ever.

With DentiSure, routine maintenance and validation are simplified. Its three-piece cover makes access to key components a breeze, keeping down-time to a minimum, and your daily instrument processing routine and patient appointments on schedule.

Let help you start your day with maximum efficiency, and keep it running smoothly all day long.

To find out more about Dentisure and the Midmark range of sterilisers, contact the Midmark team by calling +39 0522 875 166 or e-mailing newmed.sales@midmark.com. View our full portfolio at www.midmark.co.uk.

Be sure. Be DentiSure.








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