Dr. Wild - EMOFLUOR - stabilised stannous fluoride oral care products from Switzerland, successful against dental hypersensitivity for over 20 years.

Stannous fluoride (II) is known for its most versatile action specially on the dentine. However it is difficult to stabilise a bivalent stannous fluoride (II) against hydrolysis and oxidation in a formula to achieve an efficient bio-availability. Dr. Wild & Co. AG, the renowned oral care manufacturer from Switzerland hast mastered this problem more than 20 years ago with the EMOFLUOR oral care products. The better effect against dentine hypersensitivity and caries due to the stabilisation of the stannous fluoride was clinically proven. The products Emofluor toothpaste for daily care and Emofluor gel for intensive treatment have become the preferred remedy for dental hypersensitivity.

EMOFLUOR - All the best of stannous fluoride for the treatment of denuded toothpicks, against dental hypersensitivity and for an excellent caries prophylaxis.








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