Dental Technologies - ALPHA-PRO WHITE VARNISH, 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish



ALPHA-PRO® White Varnish contains 5% sodium fluoride. It is used in the treatment of dentinal and post-operative sensitivity. ALPHA-PRO® White Varnish when applied practically becomes invisible, unlike traditional varnishes that cause unsightly yellow coloring of the teeth. ALPHA-PRO® White Varnish sets immediately on contact with saliva, leaving a smooth, thin layer. Unlike other varnishes in the market that require long application time, ALPHA-PRO® White Varnish only requires 2 hours.  It is available in three great tasting flavors; melon, bubble gum and strawberry.


ALPHA-PRO® White Varnish

• Goes on clear

• Contains Xylitol

• Sets rapidly

• Gluten Free

• Delivers 22,600 ppm fluoride 

• Rapid fluoride release

• Tree nut and peanut free

• Hexane Free










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