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 CAPENERGY is a prominent manufacturer company of Tecartherapy machines based in Barcelona, Spain. Certified CE number 0120, the CAPENERGY systems are used in the most common problems in the Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy & Sports, Cosmetic Medicine, IntraOral and Urogynecological clinics. Football clubs in Spain use this device as the instrument which speeds up the Return-to-Play of football players.

This year´s launch is its dental version. Specifically, the Tecar Specialty C500 IntraOral unit is a patented and unique technology in the Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial sectors. It is used in periodontal disease, accelerates up to a 60% osseointegration for implants, treats TMJ and bruxism, and reduces nine points in pain in the EVA scale after a tooth extraction.

This state-of-the art technology has been awarded as one of the most innovative technologies worldwide by COPA Elite´s Sports Conference in its 2017 edition. It is a significant advancement in the treatment and resolution of chronic injury, dramatically reducing the healing time.







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01100 Viterbo - Italy
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