Mocom S.r.l. - Tethys H10 Plus, the world of disinfection is no longer the same.


Mocom has revolutionised the disinfection world with its new Tethys H10 Plus, the device that decontaminates, washes, thermally disinfects and dries instruments with hot air, all in a single process, automatically preparing them for subsequent packaging and sterilization. Thanks to this innovative, compact device, the reconditioning process is as simple as it is effective; it also frees personnel from tasks that were time-consuming and at risk.

Tethys H10 Plus is a medical device that complies with the EN ISO 15883-1/2 standard: it allows attainment of extremely high thermal disinfection levels, the A0 value being settable from 600 to 6000.

Decontamination, ultrasound washing, thermal disinfection and hot air drying are completed in a single stage lasting just 35 minutes.

Tethys H10 Plus is a table top unit that comes complete with everything. It offers the same performance and features as traditional thermal disinfectors - water softener, detergent reservoir, filling pump, discharge pump and aqua stop - all in a compact unit suitable for any surgery.






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