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Pioneer of digital dentistry’s CAD modeling software, EGS will also present at IDS 2017 the upgrades brought by the new release of DentalCad 6, an open and customizable system that integrates a compatibility converter to make the import/export of STL files with an automatic, simple and intuitive wizard. The latest version of the software provides even higher flexibility thanks to the new “library manager,” which allows users to take advantage of a fully customizable dental library. Another feature that strikes a chord in the new DentalCad 6 is the implementation of “hybrid jobs,” a novelty that allows the possibility to operate on various dental works on the same arch or double arch.

The software features a range of modules designed to fit specific needs: the implant module for the design of abutments, the virtual verticulator for check of dynamic occlusion, the bars module for the design of simple and advanced bars, and the provisional module for temporary crowns and bridges.

EGS offers a perpetual license with no obligatory fees, while providing regular free-of-charge updates that grow the software’s value over time. These capabilities, together with the CAM integration in a single graphic interface, make DentalCad 6 a customizable and comprehensive solution for 3D printing, milling and laser sintering that is suitable for all users, regardless of their level of digital expertise.






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