Vanetti - DLC coating (Diamond-Like -Carbon) on Dia-Tessin burs



The special DLC coating acquires the same properties of a diamond due to his tetrahedral structure. The quota of the sp3-configured carbon lies around 80-95%, which is the reason for the high quota of diamond structure.

Furthermore, due to his procedure, the Dia-Tessin’s coating is completely free of hydrogen. The thereby obtained structure endows the coating with the following properties:

1. Extreme hardness of about 5’300 HV (twice as hard as other DLC layers)

2. Utmost wear resistance (around two times compared to other DLC layers)

3. Very low friction coefficient

4. Perfect adherence, thanks to a special intermediate layer

5. The cutting edges retain their shape increasing the life of the instrument.

6. Chemical stability and corrosion resistance

7. 100% biocompatible








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