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Dentist suffer between the transition from theory to practice; and many attend clinic without the necessary practise, theoretical knowledge, neither enough skills to accomplish real dental procedures. Navadha provides the solution to this, through its Dental Simulator, which mimic real patients, and allow dental treatment & procedures to be conducted on them, in realm of clinical situations. Helping dentist’s, get better prepared for real clinical procedures on patients, improving their hands-on Practise, Knowledge and skills needed for success.

Our Dual Simulator comes with a stable wide strong base that allows better space use, integrated practice labs, easier monitoring by dental instructors, in professional clinical setting.

Dual Simulator includes 2 Complete Phantom head, with 2 Lights and 2 Delivery Units (complete with Air Water Syringe, coupling for High Speed hand piece, connection for Micro-Motor, Booster Bottles, Foot Paddle). The entire Simulation Unit fabricated in Metal treated against corrosion, and Phantom Torso made of high impact Polymer. Share with us your training projects we can help you plan them better. Visit us for more details..








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