Lares Research - World's first handpiece deployed caries detection & the new Legacy 5 dentistry's first five year warranty turbine


Lares Research introduced dentistry’s first handpiece deployed caries detection system, Fluoresce HD.   Fluoresce HD emits 405 nm light from a turbine or lowspeed handpiece causing caries to fluoresce orange/red and healthy tooth light green.  The dentist then removes only orange/red caries, minimizing removal of healthy tooth.  Studies have shown Fluorescence Aided Caries Excavation (F.A.C.E.) is more accurate at detecting remaining decay than probing or caries indicator dyes, minimizing the risk of reinfection and saving chair time.  Fluoresce HD can be deployed through any MultIFLEX compatible fiber optic turbine and a Lares LED lowspeed 25,000 rpm motor and 1:1 fiber optic contra angle.

Also, Lares Research will market dentistry's first five year warranty handpiece, Legacy 5.








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