Medirel - Rocanal: A Pharmacodynamic System For Root Canal Therapy 



Successful endodontics is about infection control: eliminating and excluding microorganisms from the pulp space. This is a universal truth for the generalist and hi-tech specialist alike.



Rocanal Irrigation Solution: Root canal disinfecting and cleansing solution. Disinfects, cleanses, lubricates and rinses the canal in one-step. It is non-irritating and does not cause swelling and pain. Packaging meets all requirements to avoid cross-contamination.

Rocanal R2 Permanent Vital: After vital pulpectomy any remaining pulpal remnants, especially in accessory canals, may degenerate with subsequent necrosis and secondary infection. Seals the canal completely, preventing any contamination.

Rocanal R3 Permanent Gangrene: Prevents failures in endodontic treatment caused by the presence of bacteria. Final endodontic cement that prevents the growth of bacteria and secondary periapical complications. During the pre-setting period active ingredients have a diffusion of about 2mm. 

With the complete line of Rocanal your success is 100% guaranteed!

Manufactured in Switzerland.









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