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The OralSurgeryTube project was born with the aim of communicate and spread knowledge to the world medical community. We want to share our experience to provide benefits to our patients.

OralSurgeryTube is a training website, where you can find an big video library, follow up cases and you have the chance of watching oral surgeries online.

Every week, we broadcast oral surgeries online for our users. Moreover, you can also join us and ask any question to the doctor via chat during the surgery. You will be able to watch the surgery from the Doctor point of view through his microscope and from three cameras so you will not miss any detail.  Something that no other popularization of medicine system has ever done before.

Moreover, in our video library you can learn from more than 100 high quality videos. You will be able to watch them as many times as you want and every week the number of videos will be increased.

Oralsurgerytube will also allow you to have access to Follow Up cases, from diagnosis through planning and medical treatment until the end of the monitoring of the process.

Each case may include, apart from photographies and medical comments, videos and the possibility of download attached documents with valuable information in order to provide you all the knowledge of international prestigious Doctors.

Of course you can also read our quarterly magazine: Digital Journal of Oral Surgery. Our magazine includes scientist articles and relevant clinic cases.

Interview with Dr. Juan Alberto Fernandez, OralSurgeryTube Chief Medical.

- Doctor, how many years have you been in the exciting world of dentistry? What is your specialized discipline?
My professional life is relatively short, about eleven years. However, I was born into a family of Stomatologists and Dentists, so from my childhood I grew up surrounded by models, waxes, surgery books, etc. Also, during my studies I was a student of Internal Medicine Maxillofacial Surgery so the relationship has been intense and prolonged.

- What do you like most about your job?

Undoubtedly surgery is the specialty that I enjoy the most, without neglecting any of the other specialties that are related to dentistry. I cannot imagine the super specialization as a suitable way for most clinical situations. Within the Oral and Implant Surgery, Bone Regeneration and Mucogingival my favourite fields.

- How and when did you have the idea of creating OralSurgeryTube?
I had the idea about 5 years ago when I began working with Balearic Islands University. Postgraduate studies allowed me to understand the need for a relationship with the students along the time, to be as beneficial to both parties. Soon, people who were my students will teach me.

- What kind of activities / contents will be offered?

In OralSurgeryTube platform will present, with complete freedom, the daily practice of a clinic mostly dedicated to Oral and Implant Surgery. Users will have the opportunity to attend weekly live surgeries from simple to advanced surgical procedures. There will also be space for other dental disciplines. Moreover, users will have the ability to interact with my team and me via Chat. These interventions will be published as high quality videos and will be ordained in the library, where the user can watch them as many times as they want. The library already has more than a hundred cases that will be increased regularly.
There will also be a section where you will can study Follow Up Cases, since diagnosis, observing its evolution over time, and the final result: don’t matter if it is optimal, mediocre or unsuccessful.
We will also have a digital magazine which is free download.

- Who is this site for?
This site is intended for all students, postgraduates and generally anyone who is interested in Oral Surgery and Implant surgery. The main intention is to disclose surgical procedures describing both theoretical and practical aspects to implement the various techniques.
We want to be a useful tool for dentist, and also for manufacturers of different products, which are a very important part of the site. We consider the industrial sector as the essential partner to provide
the best possible care to our patients.

- What advantages do you think that OralSurgeryTube will bring to the sector?
The main advantage is the ability to provide training to students to their own home, so it will be not necessary spend lots of working hours travelling to see the details of different techniques.
You will just require an Internet connection to have a growing gallery of videos, follow up cases, and many others tools that the platform provides.

- Do you think we are experiencing a revolution in the sector 2.0?

Certainly, times are changing and today, it is a fact that there is a plethora regarding training and professional working life faced with different levels of knowledge, especially practical.
Undoubtedly, the format of online training in a Medical Media context is nowadays an increasingly common method, defended and accepted by users.

- Do you think it has changed the way we communicate with the patient the dentist?
I guess for some fellow yes, but I think that now we have to communicate more and better with patients. Actually, I hate that older times were considered as synonymous of poor quality of care.
My point of view is that nowadays people give too much importance to the materials and technological sources; although a long time ago techniques and products were also exceptional. The treatment to the patient was very correct.

- Nowadays, what do you think are the main changes that professionals face?
First, I think it is necessary stop with the occultism in some sectors of the profession, but on the other hand, we have to be strict on the human and technicians requirements of the profession.
We also have to be able to choose rightly, given the big deal, what product or technique is suitable in daily practice.

- How do you think the current crisis is affecting our industry?
The crisis has a dual aspect, like everything else, something positive and something negative. Clearly there is a control on spending by patients while the number of dental clinics is increasing.
I think this lean period could serve to indicate more conservative treatments, with the greatest being modified medium to long term. I think this is a very positive year, offering to the patient different treatment options, opening the range of treatment.

- How do you think you can deal with this situation? What would you recommend to your colleagues?

Quality, service and fellowship. I think it is time to extol our profession, and take care of the issues around the quality of care: the treatment, quartermaster aspects, organization and economic benefits. I stress the need to reform the fellowship, increasingly undermined.

- Where do you think that the industry is heading? Do you think that the current crisis can somehow affect this trend?
I hesitate to respond, the crisis over the ends extend existing healthcare quality. Improve the good and the bad worse. Between the two I guess there will be a magma in which predominates the doubt and uncertainty.

- Finally, do you have any recommendations for those who are starting in the sector?
I believe that one must love the profession, those who choose to study the profession really know what that implies. Do not wait to acquire dexterity in college; I think that too much importance is given to the theoretical side, and little manual aspect.
The knowledge of the necessary theoretical aspects to master the profession must not be any gifted, manual dexterity isn’t a kind of a circus spectacle.
However, in my opinion, the hardest part is acquiring the hypercritical attitude of every step of the process. Only then, you can achieve an excellent result, and this must be extended to all treatments for all patients, every day of our lives.






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