DenTech China - Shanghai, 26 – 29 October 2016 上海, 2016.10.26-29 Infodent International for DenTech China: the living magazine project Infodent International为DenTech China开展互动杂志项目

During DenTech China 2016, Infodent International is proud to introduce a great experience for all visitors: the living magazine.
Every year thousands of manufacturers and dealers are used to read Infodent International looking for connections and contents to improve their business.
Next October, for the first time, they can “live the pages”.

在“第二十届中国国际口腔器材展览会暨学术研讨会”(DenTech China 2016)召开期间,Infodent International将向所有观众推出一份互动杂志,将绝佳的体验带给大家。
每年有成千上万的生产商和经销商都习惯通过阅读Infodent International杂志,寻找有助于拓展其业务的内容和商机。今天10月,他们在展会现场体验杂志互动项目。

How many times, after reading an article, you would like to ask something to its author? In DenTech China, finally, you can.
Three conferences will entertain the audience about the two main Infodent International topics: developing business and scientific subjects.

您有多少次在阅读完一篇文章后,希望作者能解答您的一些疑问? 在DenTech China 展会上,你就能实现这个愿望。
我们将召开三场研讨会,会议围绕Infodent International的两个主要议题:业务拓展及新技术推介。

Distributors wall:
The distributors wall is a must-read for all companies worldwide, a paper meeting point where to find dealers and new job opportunities.
In DenTech China this wall will be real: a space continuously updated at the Infodent International booth to connect business and give our customers what they expect from their favourite magazine since 1994: the chance to improve.

Distributors Wall 是全球所有业内企业必读的一份刊物,该刊物告诉大家到哪里寻找经销商,并提供新的工作机会。在DenTech China展会上,我们将设立一面墙:在Infodent International主办方展台的空间里展示最新信息,帮助大家建立业务联系,并让我们的客户从这份于1994年创办的读者喜闻乐见的杂志中得到想要的:改进的机会。

Company highlights:
Infodent International提供信息

Infodent International booth will offer to all distributors visiting DenTech China the best selection of opportunities they are used to find in highlights pages.
Why do distributors visit a trade-show?  For the same reason they read Infodent International: to discover the right companies in order to expand their business.
The selection of companies considered eligible involved in this project will contribute to the satisfaction both of our readers and of all DenTech China visitors.
Infodent International主办方展台将向到访DenTech China展会的所有分销商提供一份最佳商机信息汇编;以往,我们在展会杂志的重点页面提供这些信息。为什么分销商会参加展会?是为了拓展自己的业务。他们阅读Infodent International杂志, 也是出于同样的原因。

The conferences program:

MyRay is a worldwide name in image-assisted diagnostics, a brand that has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists all over the world, offering a complete range of imaging products dedicated to digital dentistry. Innovative solutions designed to improve the surgery work flow by providing quality, reliability and user-friendliness.



My Ray - 会议的官方合作伙伴

MyRay是图像辅助诊断的全球名称, 已经赢得了全球的牙科专家及放射科医生的信任, 提供影像产品门类齐全的专用于数字牙科。创新的解决方案,以提高通过提供高质量,高可靠性和易用性手术的工作流程。

Scientific topic

Speaker: Bingzhen Huang M.D.& Ph.D
演讲人: Bingzhen Huang 医生/博士

Title: CGF&AFG: Basic principle and clinical application

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) 、AFG(Autologous Fibrinogen Glue)are autologous fibrin and fibrinogen without any additive (anticoagulant and activator). In this presentation, I will show you how to make autologous fibrin, fibrinogen, thrombin easily and discuss with you the basic difference of autologous blood production (PRP, PRGF, PRF, CGF, AFG) and how and why these productions work.

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) 和 AFG(Autologous Fibrinogen Glue)是不加入任何其他成分(抗凝剂或促凝剂)情况下的自体纤维蛋白和纤维蛋白原。在这个演讲中,我将向大家展示如何轻松制作自体纤维蛋白、纤维蛋白原、凝血酶,并介绍各种自体血液制剂 (PRP, PRGF, PRF, CGF, AFG)基本区别,以及这些制剂的作用机制。

Speaker:  Dr. Liu Shuangbin
演讲人: Dr. Liu Shuangbin医生

Title: Treatment of aesthetic and structural alterations of the Mucogingival Junction (MGJ)
题目:牙龈黏膜交界( MGJ)的美观性和结构性改变治疗

The purpose of this course is to provide a brief analysis of the gingival reconstruction of teeth and implant from an aesthetic and a structural point of view, according to scientific evidence and through the clinical experience of the operator. The course will provide a wide range of information and procedures of reconstructive surgery. Limits, errors and possible complications will be analyzed supported by extensive clinical cases.

Business topic 业务拓展主题演讲


Speaker:  Emanuele Elo Usai
演讲人: Emanuele Elo Usai

Title: 32 Dental marketing ideas for successful dentists
题目: 32个牙科营销思路,让您的牙科职业生涯更成功

Is being a good dentist enough to attract patients into your practice? The answer is no.This course aims to provide dentists some starting points needed to prepare and develop a marketing and communication strategy to improve their dental practice. A journey in 32 points across case histories and creative ideas, starting with the importance of identifying the business goals and continuing with traditional, non-conventional and digital ideas to increase the revenue.



Date and time: 27th of October, 13.00 - 17.00
时间: 10月27日, 13.00 - 17.00
Free entry, write to to book your seat and your coffee break pass.
免费入场, 免费 coffee break。

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