- Since August 2022 MULTYSYSTEM has joined the team of IESS GROUP Dental Intelligence

We are pleased to inform you about an exceptional news regarding MULTYSYSTEM!

For more than 30 years Multysystem group has its strength point in customer service and care in the production of medical devices.

The qualitative standard achieved by MULTYSYSTEM implant systems, the complete digital workflow and the wide range of regenerative products, have greatly contributed to the success and growth of the company both at a national and international level.

Since August 2022 MULTYSYSTEM has joined the team of IESS GROUP Dental Intelligence!

Twelve months ago IESS GROUP Dental Intelligence was born from the union of two solid businesses, GEASS and iRES GROUP, an enhancement of both companies’ positives and a consolidation of operational synergies. Despite being competitors, the two companies have proved to be extremely well aligned.

First and foremost, iRES® brought its high quality Swiss production to the table, as well as its market recognised hybrid implant, its scientific activity (which sees the participation of some of the most wellknown international Opinion Leaders among whom Prof. Massimo Simion and Prof. Giulio Rasperini), its particularly international character and not least its ‘story’ which has seen the company grow rapidly to the highest of levels.

GEASS® added to the mix its ‘Made in Italy’ design, its excellence in the digital and CAD-CAM fields, its patented technology (like its SYNTHEGRA laser surface) and most importantly a solid structural base, where dedication to organisation and work criteria have always been fundamental aspects in over thirty years of experience in the sector.

IESS GROUP® will increase its network presence both in Italy and internationally thanks to a solid group, which now will count on over 70 representatives on the Italian peninsula and 40 international distributors. It will create a new and richer product portfolio, maintaining elevated quality standards and sustainable prices. This will make it possible to progress with a more forceful commercial policy, allowing both the brands and the group to grow.

IESS GROUP® will focus its attention on new investments and will be a catalyst for those of you who wish to join the project created by the group. Particular attention will be paid to companies in related sectors and to the acquisition of national and international enterprises.

This venture can be defined as “unique”, in that it sees three small companies as the protagonists. It is exactly this “condition” that allows the companies to gain an immediate advantage.

MULTYSYSTEM, GEASS® and iRES® share the same market vision, a market which no longer makes rapid and preeminent growth possible, like in the past.

This new group is based on its team, with the certainty that this effective team is a great one, united, motivated and determined to achieve the same goal: to be protagonists in the future of oral surgery.

This is just the beginning; you’ll be hearing more from IESS Group!





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