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Seyssinet-Pariset, France – 12/04/2022
Ugin Dentaire is proud to present its new range of sintering furnaces. Taking the experience of previous models as a starting point, the brand-new furnaces have been improved by our expertise and following the development of multi-layered zirconia discs, which require fast sintering programmes, while still providing conventional sintering cycles, with slow heating rates and slow cooling for large wingspan bridges or in the case of large numbers of units in the same tray.

The new range includes three new models, sharing components and parts that carry on the reliability that has made Ugin Dentaire’s equipment famous over the decades: e.ON SINTER base, e.ON SINTER fast, e.ON SINTER fast +.

e.ON SINTER base 
On the market for over five years, the basic model has already been chosen by numerous dental labs, either as a first furnace or as second equipment to increase the production of zirconia. Designed as a bench furnace, e.ON SINTER base is compact and fits even small locations. 

Even as an entry-level product, e.ON SINTER base features a large colour touch screen, which guarantees excellent handling and easy programming (40 programmes available), while the four MoSi2 heating elements make it possible to reach a maximum temperature of 1600°C to sinter up to 20 units in just one tray.

e.ON sinter base

e.ON SINTER fast 
e.ON SINTER fast is Ugin Dentaire’s new sintering furnaces. Among its features, it boasts a new smart design, compact in size but equipped with the latest technology: using a high-performance single rod in MoSi2 combined with a muffle and a crucible of low thermal inertia, e.ON SINTER fast makes it possible to sinter 5 single units in as little as 90 minutes. 

Its colour touch screen ensures easy programming with 40 free programmes, including two pre-registered fast programmes, one of which intended for 1 or 2 units, and the other for up to 5 units during fast sintering. 

It’s the perfect furnace to reduce production time in dental labs, as well as to enable dental clinics to provide immediate treatment to patients. 

e.ON sinter fast

e.ON SINTER fast +
Developed from e.ON SINTER +, e.ON SINTER fast + offers new opportunities to dental labs, such as the possibility of sintering up to 20 single units in just one hour. 

Featuring a software operated by Windows, a large colour touch screen for easy handling and 40 free programmes, as well as new rods (only four) and components, e.ON SINTER fast makes it possible to shorten the duration of sintering cycles, enabling dental technicians to deliver zirconia crowns as quickly as necessary. 

With two stackable trays carrying up to 40 units, e.ON SINTER fast + guarantees high performances and capacity of production, standing as a top-quality sintering furnace approved and built according to Ugin Dentaire’s experience and standards of reliability. 

e.ON sinter fast+

For over 40 years, Ugin Dentaire has been developing, manufacturing and distributing products and materials for dental professionals. We have a complete equipment catalogue (including ceramic, sintering and burnout furnaces, and casting machines) and a wide range of consumables. We intend to provide you with easier solutions to make your daily work reliable. For any information, please contact us.



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