- imes-icore New Business Model for 3D Metal Printing "CORiTEC AM100 / AMpure"

Eiterfeld, 18th March 2022 - imes-icore is delighted to announce its new business model for 3D metal printing CORiTEC AM series. With these high-quality AM systems, we are adding another forwardlooking technology for professional laboratories and milling centers to our range of dental CAD/CAM production systems for manufacturing dental restorations.

The CORiTEC AM100 metal 3D metal printer is the fast and affordable entry into additive dental production. The new standards have been set with the CORiTEC AM100 to make the production of up to 250 units per processing cycle possible which takes less than 3 minutes per unit. The innovative cartridge system also enables low handling effort, since the powder is already in the cartridge containers. In combination with the CORiTEC AMpure, used material can be recycled and reused. This coordinated technology ensures low manufacturing costs and thus rapid amortization!

The CORiTEC AMpure unpacking station is a game changer! The door of the chamber has two integrated gloves.

This makes it possible to unpack the components without any powder contact. The collected powder from the unpacking process is recycled in the fully automated ultrasonic sieving station and collected in an empty supply cartridge. This sieved and recycled powder in the supply cartridge can then be used directly for the next print job by CORiTEC AM100 – clean and sustainable, simple and up to date. The innovative cartridge system offers safe and easy handling process, and therefore enables massive material savings.

The metal 3D meta printer operates according to the Laser-Powder-Bed-Fusion process. By creating tooth prostheses using the laser melting process, highly complex frameworks such as superstructures, model casting, primary as well as secondary parts, crowns and bridges are possible. A 200-watt fiber laser, with a focus diameter of 45m, completely melts the powder material layer by layer. This enables the production of the most complex geometries on a surface area of 5.9 x 5.9 inch (150 x 150 mm) and a maximum height of 5.9 inch (150 mm). This modern technology combines speed and sustainability with the result of cost-effective production of dental constructions!

In combination with the 350i and 650i series of CORiTEC milling systems, new standards in hybrid technology for high-quality dental restorations are set by the re-milling of LPBF units. Coordinated hardware and software interfaces as well as automated measuring functions via the CAM and slicing software guarantee the precise and easy handling. The special process was developed, for instance, to build up highly complex bar constructions in advance in a cost-effective additive process and then to rework the interfaces with the CORiTEC milling machines to the perfect, absolute fit and surface quality. An optimally coordinated system, with a well-designed and integrated workflow.

Since 2002, imes-icore is a leading manufacturer and technology partner in the field of dental CAD/CAM systems and solutions. With its unique range of dental milling and grinding systems imes-icore offers a perfect selection for all individual requirements of dental laboratories, milling centers and dental practice-labs of all sizes. For further information visit www.imes-icore.com.


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