- Sterngold Adds Holistic Dental Relief Product, TRC

Attleboro, MA - Clinicians who are increasingly adopting a holistic alternative to help their patients manage discomfort from pain, can now acquire TRC (Transdermal Relief Cream) from trusted dental manufacturer and supplier, Sterngold Dental.

TRC is a medical grade CBD, transdermal product specially formulated for targeted dental relief, containing 750 mg of professional strength CBD (2.5%) in a 1 oz tube, without any fillers. TRC has been formulated for the dental community, tested by dentists at product development. The product is only available to patients at the recommendation of the clinician as a therapeutic alternative to opioids, acetaminophen, and aspirin, in the maintenance of TMD pain and other facial discomfort. This can be used by itself or in conjunction with other treatment modalities. TRC works within minutes upon application and lasts for hours.

The product derives its pain relief property from CBD (cannabidiol) and is safe, containing no THC. In tests conducted with both dentists and patients, TRC has been found to provide targeted relief for TMJ and neck pain associated with jaw joint soreness, extraction and other dental work, post-operative surgical relief after implant placement, long open mouth procedures, and soreness or initial pain from wearing of dental appliances (mouth guard, braces). Anecdotally, dentists who participated in the study also mentioned that they had used it on their hands due to the pain they experience using them all day and claimed that it was helpful in providing relief.

TRC is the first product under a new Supplies sub-category labeled “Relief”, from Sterngold. In manufacturing implants and auxiliary products, Sterngold has heard from its customers of a need for products that provide complementary benefits. In the case of “Relief”, Sterngold aims to deliver products that can go into post-procedure care kits or can be prescribed individually.

Is CBD for dental discomfort good for patients? With studies supporting CBD’s non-psychoactive, non-addicting natural anxiety and pain-relieving properties, it has been tested by dentists for use in the relief of dental discomfort. Find out if this works with your practice. Attend the free CE webinar: “Adding CBD to Your Treatment Arsenal” on June 30, 2021. In this one hour online session, Dr. Kathleen Carson, DDS, shares how CBD works for this purpose. Register here.

Ready to order TRC? TRC comes in a box of ten 1-oz. (30g), medical grade tubes.
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Sterngold is an authorized distributor of TRC, manufactured by Holistic Health Therapeutics, LLC.

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