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CURASEPT is a well-known oral care brand thanks largely to its patented chlorhexidine Anti Discoloration System (ADS®) line, much appreciated by dental professionals. 
The company, Curasept S.p.A, is entirely Italian, founded in 2001 and set out to develop highly innovative products. High quality science, perseverance, detailed analysis and attention to the needs of its customers have been the cornerstones of its development and achievements over the past 20 years. 
The CURASEPT ADS® line has recently reached 63% market share in Italy.

CURASEPT ADS®: The non staining chlorhexidine
Chlorhexidine is still considered to be the most effective oral antiseptic, defined as the gold standard. The formation of dental pigmentations is certainly the best-known adverse side-effect of chlorhexidine and can lead to reduce patients’ compliance. 

The patented ADS® system is able to interfere with the two main reactions that are responsible for stain formation, the Maillard reaction and the protein denaturation process. Moreover Curasept ADS® line, thanks to the absence of alcohol and SLS helps in preventing the risk of developing of side effects that are related to the prolonged use of alcohol-based mouthwashes, increasing compliance. The efficacy of Curasept ADS® has been confirmed by numerous in vitro, in vivo studies, and more recently during Europerio2018 by a Systematic review and a meta - analysis where 87 publications analysed, 11 articles selected for review. The conclusion stated “Adding ADS® to a chlorhexidine mouthwash significantly reduces tooth discolouration and does not affect the action of chlorhexidine (...) The recommendation resulting from this review is that the chlorhexidine + ADS®combination should be taken into consideration”

CURASEPT PROXI: Beyond the Interdental Brush
In 2019 Curasept launched a new mechanical line named CURASEPT PROXI: the patented innovative line of interdental brushes that meets very high quality and safety standards.

The system that makes it unique it is called SAFE STOP SYSTEM which prevents any gum injury, ensures greater stability of the wire core, and improves the control of the interdental brush during use. 

It is the result of year-long research work and was developed entirely in Italy by a world leader partner in the industry. 

Curasept is present in 30 countries around the world. in the Middle East it is now present in UAE, Qatar, Iraq and Jordan. 

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Curasept S.p.A.

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