- Build a stronger neDwork at The Ibiza Education Retreat

In March, neDwork attended the International Dental Show (IDS) to announce and promote the launch of the new dental community “neDwork” and its upcoming signature event, the “Ibiza Education Retreat”.

Christiane Ferret (left), Founder of neDwork & Antje Kahnt, Managing Partner

neDwork, the “network of exclusive Dental professionals”, created by Christiane Ferret, was founded with the purpose of supplying tailor-made solutions for both - professionals and affiliates from the dental industry. Together with managing partner Antje Kahnt, the emerging duo introduced their portfolio to a global audience in Cologne. Next to educational solutions and premium education recommendations, neDwork helps push practitioners to the next level. Furthermore, the enterprise creates new connections for leaders and affiliates in the industry (manufacturers, associations, institutions) by consulting and facilitating through their global network and expertise. “We believe that people who specialize in different fields and disciplines play a big role in the learning culture,” says Christiane Ferret. “They can flow through and irrigate the whole education system.”

Bringing it all together is neDwork’s signature event: The Ibiza Education Retreat, to take place on October 3–5, at the island of Ibiza. “In this three-day learning experience, participants will gain the knowledge and confidence they need to enhance their skills set as well as enrich the mind and body both within and beyond dentistry,” Ferret said. With a focus on delivering a meaningful and relevant approach to literacy, the #IER2019 will focus on current treatment planning in interdisciplinary dentistry addressing a wide range of topics from mastering new technologies and emerging innovations, to the understanding about investments and technological implications they bring into the daily clinical work and our personal lives as well. Performing clinicians Alexander Declerck, Jaime Jimenez, Jose Navarro, Nuno Sousa Dias, Stavros Pelekanos and Tommie Van De Velde will attend the IER, interacting with the attendees to obtain industry-relevant skills. In addition to diverse educational sessions, ranging from social media and digital skills to emerging technology to up and coming innovations, the IER will allow participants a chance to gain insight into the never-ending search for the ideal work-life balance. “We offer a peer-to-peer platform, which allows professionals from very diverse parts of society and the world to engage and learn from one another,” Antje Kahnt added. “This gorgeous setting and inspiring discussions offer the opportunity to embrace a pivotal mindset. Attendees will have time for self-reflection, a reminder to be kind to yourself and your own needs, as well as connect with the community at large. It’s the best of both worlds.”

To receive your invitation to this one-of-a-kind retreat, visit www.nedwork.org and follow the community on Facebook @neDworkdentalcommunity and Instagram @ned_work





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