- After 3 years of partnership, Biotech Dental acquires Nemotec


- Companies to build further on successful partnership
- Biotech dental secures access to Nemotec’ technology and tightens cooperation
- Both companies lead to become one of the major service provider for dental professionals in dental market

Madrid, 11 Mars 2019 – Biotech Dental has acquired 81% stake in its technology partner Nemotec. Nemotec is a fast-growing company which has become a leading provider of software and services for dental professionals. The acquisition agreement reinforces the partnership of both companies. We are pleased to announce this strong partnership at IDS 2019 in Cologne, Germany, International Dental Show.

Biotech Dental is the European leader in digital dentistry – from numeric workflow through scans and software to manufacturing implants, prosthesis and aligners.

Nemotec presented for the third consecutive year, an increase in its sales of programs and services of 22%, consolidating internationally. The company's commitment, with excellent results, has been to continue with the integration of the main levers of internationalization, to bet on the development in R & D of products with substantial advances in process automation to help dentists and equip the client of first level training tools.

Biotech Dental and Nemotec have been partners since 2016 as Biotech Dental uses Nemotec’s technology to produce Biotech Dental’s proprietary clear aligners, Smilers® - destined to GPs. Biotech Dental will leverage this acquisition to launch state-of-the-art orthodontics technology to orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons, including worldwide exclusive features such as roots movement.

Philippe Veran, President of Biotech Dental Group ensures that “Combining our respective strengths, we will have a greater capacity to face the current market conditions, where the growing demand for patient services in the dental sector requires moving towards the offer of integrated services, as well as large investments in technological infrastructure. The strength, the trajectory, the diversification and the international solidity together with the technological advances of Nemotec, leaders in several markets, will make of our company the main provider of digital lifestyle solutions for the professionals of the dental sector, and a leading-edge partner for orthodontists”.

Miguel Ángel del Moral, CTO and founder of Nemotec mentions that “I trust this alliance will allow us to continue with R&D of products with substantial advances in deep learning or learning machine (Artificial Intelligence), promoting training in the management of our platform to increase the level of satisfaction and commitment of our customers and continue with internationalization processes reaching key markets for the company such as the US market with the achievement of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the French market”.

About Biotech Dental
Building on 30 years of experience and present in about 40 countries the Biotech Dental group has become a key French player in the Healthcare field. The company is now one of the leaders in the dental implant market. Focusing on new technologies, the group continually diversifies its product offering in order to provide its clients with solutions that are both comprehensive and digital. Today, Biotech Dental is the referring company in the dentistry market with its exclusive product offering and digital services: design and manufacturing of implants and dental prostheses, intraoral scans with, Smile analysis software, and customized transparent aligners Smilers® manufactured with innovative digital manufacturing procedures as well as associated training.

About Nemotec
Nemotec a leading Spanish technology company for the dental industry, was created in 1992 to provide dentists, clinics, laboratories and technology companies with flexible and open solutions with tools at the forefront of technology to diagnose, plan and communicate visual and effective treatment plans for patients in dental specialties such as orthodontics, orthognathic, implantology and aesthetics. Also the Suite allows the printing of products for the different disciplines. Currently Nemotec has more than 63 employees from different specialized branches, sales in more than 71 countries and has a network of 14 distributors spread in strategic areas worldwide. The company has a unique digital interdisciplinary platform for dentistry in the world known as NemoStudio.

Among which, highlighted in each module:
- NemoCeph - Cephalometric Software
- NemoCast - Software for Orthodontic diagnosis and planning
- NemoScan - Software for Implantology diagnosis and planning
- NemoFAB - Software for Orthognathic surgery, in collaboration with Dr. Arnett
- NemoSmile Design - Software for Digital Smile Design. Smile Emulations and Shell Designer developed in collaboration with Dr. Javier Vasquez
- NemoBox: online viewer



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