- Nacera Calibrate by Doceram Medical Ceramics Allows Perfect Control for Sintering Temperatures

Well-tempered ceramic: calibration set allows you to control the sintering process.

Increased precision in the furnace – better colour fastness and a higher quality in the structure! A perfect fit as well as durability and reproducible colour results are the primary priorities for Doceram Medical Ceramics. The specialist supplier of high-performance ceramics has launched a smart and innovative calibration set for high-temperature furnaces: Nacera Calibrate is used to easily and precisely determine and check the sintering end temperature in the furnace as well as documenting it. Special PTC rings and a dial gauge are used to determine the firing precision in the sintering chamber. If a deviation from the required temperature is detected, the sintering furnace can be recalibrated – for constant, durable and highly aesthetic colour results.

The maximum sintering temperature and the furnace charge greatly influence the quality and colour precision of zirconium oxide restorations: for example, an excessive energy input will result in, amongst other things, increasing grain growth, increased translucency and a reduced life span. If, on the other hand, the sintering item is under-fired, the results may include reduced translucency, colour changes and surface roughness. Also, a fully charged furnace can lead to incorrect results. Nacera Calibrate ensures that temperature differences and discrepancies are a thing of the past because the calibration set guarantees constant and stable sintering conditions in the laboratory.

Precise temperature control for perfect sintering results
The easy-to-use calibration set which can be used for all commonly employed sintering furnaces contains a dial gauge and various PTC (Process Temperature Control) ring types for control firing. Since the ceramic rings shrink proportionally to the input thermal energy during the sintering process, the achieved furnace temperature is subsequently precisely determined with a dial gauge in a specially developed bracket. If deviations from the required or programmed temperature are detected, the sintering furnace can be readjusted accordingly. Additional parameters such as the heating quotient and the optimum positioning of the items inside the sintering chamber can easily be evaluated with Nacera Calibrate – for a perfect surface finish, depth effect and reproducibility of the ceramic – every time.

Eliminates risks due to under-firing and over-firing
For comprehensive zirconium oxide restorations such as implant-supported bridges, the ceramic control ring can also be fired together with the sintering items. This means that the laboratory is not only able to control the increased thermal energy, which is required because of the larger units, with the help of Nacera Calibrate, but also to document it at the same time. This provides evidence of an optimised material-compliant sintering process.
In order to ensure a constantly high sintering performance without under-firing or over-firing, Doceram Medical Ceramics recommends that the parameters of the high-temperature furnace are checked and monitored at regular intervals, i.e. at least monthly, and even better weekly.



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