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GC is committed to support the vitality and well-being of people all over the world. As the world population is getting older with lower birth rates and adults living longer, GC used the term “The Silver Wave” to draw attention to this ever-increasing percentage of ageing population.

Along with other parts of the world, countries in Southeast Asia are also ageing at a rapid pace and this has important ramifications to the dental practice. A greater percentage of the dental patients in the future will be older patients who will need better quality care that will bring challenges and opportunities to the dental practice.



Our objectives for publishing the Silver Wave booklet:

• To help prepare the dental practitioners for an ageing patient base
• As a guide and framework to giving best quality dental treatment to the ageing patient

This booklet is a comprehensive resource of information and studies that gives suggestions on how to best accommodate the elderly patients in their dental practice (accessibility, etc) and it contains the “Silver Wave Steps”, which means 4 steps that serves as a framework in treating the elderly (not a rigid framework but a flexible guide that each clinician can tailor to suit their practice).

The Silver Wave suggests treatment options & products available that will work well with the ageing patients, including clinical cases from world-renowned professors/dentists, and it gives information on available materials/tools they can use to communicate with patients (downloadable from the Silver Wave website and available from GC Sales Associates).



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