- Active Oxygen for the Effective Treatment of Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis

During the IDS, Hager & Werken presented the new OXYSAFE products consisting of Protection Gel and Liquid.

Many products for the treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantits are active for only a short period of time. This promotes the process of a re-infection. Both, antibiotics and chlorhexidine have difficulty to penetrate the biofilm due to their molecular size.

OXYSAFE Professional products contain the patented Ardox-X® technology based on active oxygen (hydrocarbon-oxoborate complex) which becomes activated by contact with the skin or mucous membrane. This complex acts as a matrix which releases the active oxygen in the region to be treated and immediately reduces the number of Gram-negative bacteria.

OXYSAFE eliminates harmful, anaerobic bacteria (even in gingival pockets) responsible for periodontal disease and peri implantitis. The oxygen-enriched microenvironment has a proven positive effect on the treatment of inflamed gingival pockets.


 The new OXYSAFE products with active oxygen.


Great care has been taken to avoid the use of substances harmful to the body, such as hydrogen peroxides and radicals. The application of OXYSAFE Professional Gel supports the periodontal regeneration therapy of soft tissue that has been damaged by peri-implantitis. OXYSAFE Professional has both, anti-bacterial and anti fungicidal properties, and supports the regeneration of inflamed tissue due to its increased oxygen content. It protects the oral flora and does not cause cell death in erythrocytes or leukocytes. Neither mucosal cells nor osteoblasts are attacked (Berendsen et al. 2014)1.

The effect of OXYSAFE Professional has been confirmed by independent universities and many studies. Clinics have successfully been using the products for many years. A reduction of the pocket depth by up to 56% could be determined within 3 months after treatment. In 75% of all peri-implantitis patients, clear healing effects and even re-osseointegrations were found (Berendsen et al. 2014)1.

OXYSAFE Gel Professional is applied to the gingival pockets by the prophylaxis specialist or dental hygienist. OXYSAFE Liquid Professional is a mouthwash used as a follow-up immediately after treatment by the patient at home.


List of sources:
1 Berendsen et al. (2014) Ardox-X® adjunctive topical active oxygen application in periodontitis and periimplantitis – a pilot study, 2 - 18


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