Leone Spa - During Leone S.p.A. meeting, yesterday and today's orthodontics was the real key player.



Friday, May 26th Leone S.p.A. headquarters, located in Sesto Fiorentino – Florence, hosted a meeting to mark 20 years since the first cultural meeting Leoclub, started by Mr Alessandro Pozzi. Mrs Elena Pozzi, present Leone S.p.A. CEO and Mr Pozzi’s daughter, in her opening speech recalled how much her father cared about the connection between academia, profession and business.


In 1997 he promoted the first in a series of events dedicated to the spread of dental healthcare culture, establishing a museum which celebrates both the company and the Orthodontics.

Many orthodontic academia delegates arrived at Sesto Fiorentino headquarters both to pay homage to Mr Pozzi - passed away in 2015 - and for attending Mr. Kevin O'Brien and Mr. Larry White meetings, both of them invited by Leone S.p.A. to hold a conference on that occasion.

Mr O'Brien, owner of an orthodontic blog with 40,000 monthly followers, made a speech about orthodontics from different sociological point of views, deploring disinformation which tarnishes the profession, whereas Mr Larry White's intervention was more technical.

During this celebration, Leone S.p.A. "metallurgical vocation" was emphasised: three generations family-business company, nowadays counts 142 employees in Italy, nearly half of them women. The current image is a "Made in Italy" company, 110 countries export-oriented and committed to realising a five-year strategic development plan called "Leone 2020", with three fundamental points: Leone S.p.A. direct presence expansion in foreign markets (the acquisition of a supplier in the US with the following creation of LeoneAmericaDentalProducts Inc. is a strong clue, in addition to Odoontec - which distributes Leone products in France).

The other key points are R&D enhancement, with the introduction of new products, and internal processes improvement, with a growing focus on the customer.








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