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 MDT, a high-tech, fast-growing Dental Rotary Instruments manufacturer exports premium Made in Israel FG and RA/CA   Diamond and Carbide burs, HP Pins, Discs and Polishers worldwide. Selected Diamonds and Swiss-made heat treated and ground Stainless Steel shanks is only part of the MDT global success story. The cutting edge that MDT diamonds offers is thanks to an advanced bonding "Triton" coating process technology that allows superior 60% “More Diamond per Diamond®” Exposure supported by Superiority through Technology in-house R&D and tailor made state-of-the-art production lines. MDT is ISO,

CE and FDA certified. The 7,000 m² modern plant is equipped with computer controlled production lines. MDT’s meticulous Quality Assurance system guarantees an emphasis on consistency. Adhering to strict standards, MDT's broad range of sterile and multi-use rotary instruments are manufactured with top quality materials by skilled professionals and a service oriented spirit among the entire MDT team.







Str. Cassia Nord Km 86,300
01100 Viterbo - Italy
T +39 0761 352198
F +39 0761 352133
VAT: IT01612570562


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