3DTrueLife - Zirconia Crowns@3dvital by Moulding

3DTrueLife innovated Zirconia Crowns@3dvital are by MOULDING, not milling, and:

1/ Fabricate Custom Made Zirconia Crowns by 3D printing.

2/ Fabricate Custom Fit Zirconia Crowns for technicians to complete work in 4 hours.

3/ Licences of zirconia moulding for investors are available.

Dental technicians can now produce zirconia crowns for dentists in 4 hours. A refractory die is used to finish the Custom Fit Zirconia Crowns@3dvital, and there are 11 sizes of each tooth position to ensure the match of teeth is always perfect. This allows technicians a very competitive turnover rate as well as high profit margin.


Zirconia moulding licences are available for those who recognise the potential in full ceramic crowns/bridges by moulding. Please email info@3dtruelife.com for further information.







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