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Axelmed presents Paradigma. It is the result of a 4-year research project, whose aim was to develop a quality medical device, simple to use and with clinical features that are the results of the synthesis of the current state of art in implantology.


  1. One prosthetic connection for 5 implant diameters (internal hexagon connection with conical marginal seal) compatible with major brands;
  2. 5 Design of the implants to ensure control during insertion and optimal primary stability in most situations;
  3. SAP the Axelmed Surface Treatment: micro roughness, high purity and minimal ratio of pollution assure fast and safe osteo-integration;
  4. A complete and intuitive surgical kit with high quality instruments, drills with DLC coating made in Italy, to deal with all clinical situations;



  1. Implant surface: the Axelmed Paradigma Hybrid Surface SAP (Sandblasted, Acid Etching, Plasma Treatment) is a minimally-rough surface, with a high degree of decontamination, obtained through a blasting process using pure AL2O3, a triple acidification process with strong acids and a double treatment in the Argon Plasma The result is the creation of a surface able to reduce the osseointegration phase. At the same time, at the implant neck level, the presence of a machined surface, in combination with microthreads, allows to reduce the risk of developing peri-implantitis without compromising the stability of the marginal bone levels. 



Implant geometry: Axelmed Paradigma is a crestal or subcrestal implant, with 5 diameters, each one with a specific thread design, based on dynamic screwing in different types of bone. This feature is unique in the implant field and it was developed in order to guarantee good primary stability even in critical surgical conditions. 

Another important aspect is the implant neck, which includes different features:





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