Villa Sistemi Medicali - Villa presents the new 3D CBCT unit Rotograph Prime 3D


Rotograph Prime 3D is a new 3D CBCT panoramic unit, designed as a comprehensive diagnostic tool which provides any Dental Practice an easy transition to the most advanced imaging technologies through a truly affordable investment. Its peculiar and refined design highlights its excellent functionality in its unique mechanical structure, made of a lightweight compact body, which enables an innovative wall-mounting installation also in the narrowest spaces. The outstanding versatility of Rotograph Prime 3D is possible thanks to its Flat Panel sensor, able to perform 2D and 3D acquisitions at high resolution.

In addition to the several 2D projections, able to satisfy the clinical needs of dental panoramic X-ray, the equipment allows users to select different acquisition volumes, each one optimized to examine a particular anatomic region of interest defined by size and resolution. From the wide volume dedicated to the complete patient’s dentition up to volumes centred on each jaw or on well defined portions of them, the operator always selects the correct volume in order to focus the exam on the anatomical region of interest, minimizing the dose to the patient while granting the highest image quality at the same time. Rotograph Prime 3D is offered with the new and powerful Villa 3D Planner software for implant planning, which features tools to trace the mandibular nerve, accurately position the implant selected from the software’s library or custom created through a simple procedure, and to obtain on request the STL file for the realization of a precise surgical guide.







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