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With our Newsletter service you can target companies of the dental trade and industry (manufacturers / dealers / importers / exporters) with a personalized e-mail blast to:

Your e-mail will be able convey all the information you wish, including images and links to your e-mail address, website, online videos or catalogues.

Why choose the Newsletter Service?

  • Circulation of your brand, products, news, offers
  • Highlight your position in the market
  • Reach potential customers at a very low cost with an immediate feedback.

You may choose your areas of interest: North America / Central & Latin America / Eastern Europe / Western Europe / Africa / Australia + New Zealand / Asia

The cost is €800 per geographic area, with the following special offers:

15% discount for 3 areas/newsletters - €2,400 €2,040
25% discount for 6 areas/newsletters - €4,800 €3,600

See some examples of personalized e-mail blasts:

Coswell, MyRay, Doctor Smile, TKD, Hi-Tec Implants, Suni, Evolon

Are you interested in advertising your booth at a main dental trade show?

Participate to INFODENT collective e-mail blasts: we send a newsletter to all dealers and importers in the geographic area where main international exhibitions take place, informing them on companies that will be showcasing their products at the upcoming dental show in the region.

See an example from our latest collective newsletter:

Collective newsletter sent before AEEDC 2012

Book your space in INFODENT next collective newsletter, it costs only €390!

For any further information contact us!

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Western Europe: 32.7%
Latin America: 9.1%
North America: 12.4%


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